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90% of people on the internet
I can't watch one single youtube video without seeing several dumb comments made by retards
by Memetic Man December 17, 2010
90% of people on urbandictionary. Don't believe me. Look up something nonsexual and I guarantee you that you'll find at least 1 or 2 definitions making it sexual.
Generic example person: generic example phrase to show you mindless drones how perverts is used
Generic example person 2: generic example response
by Memetic Man January 17, 2011
A subspecies of Saiyan found on earth. Unlike the ones found on Planet Vegeta, these Saiyans resemble a shrew with spikes on it's back. They are extremely fast and will tell people that they're too slow. They can go Super Saiyan when exposed to 7 chaos emeralds.
I have a pet hedgehog. His name is Sonic. He ran away and told me I'm too slow.
by Memetic Man August 05, 2010
Creatures that Link can't wait to bomb. It should be noted that they dislike smoke.
Link: I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos
by Memetic Man July 22, 2010
Pronounced: Fee-Nis
A way of saying penis only its more epic
Gay Fag #1: Look at my large penis
Gay Fag #2: Thats no penis, its a Phoenis!
by Memetic Man July 26, 2010
something we all are in some way.
Asshole 1: You're an asshole
Asshole 2: Yes I am, and so are you
by Memetic Man January 17, 2011

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