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3 definitions by MelvinD

A preson's internal gauge measuring the amount he/she cares about something at a given point in time.
Joe: Are you going to that meeting this afternoon?
Mike: Dude, my givashitometer is at an all time low. Probably not.

Scarlett: Where shall I go? What shall I do?
Rhett: My dear, my givashitometer tells me I don't give a damn.
by MelvinD June 05, 2007
(1) oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas with great volume or intensity (2): an instance of such exchange
Mrs. Couples: Where's Kat?

Mr. DeYugo : She's over having a yellversation with Mary about their animals. I'm surprised you can't hear it from where you are.

Mrs. Couples: Yeah, they have no concept of the inside voice.
by MelvinD February 20, 2008
a school, college, or university which one is currently attending
Jody: Does Ivy Tech even have sports teams?
Julie: Hey don't make fun of my alma maybe.
by MelvinD January 12, 2009