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Military slang used primarily in the Iraqi - Afghanistan theaters to denote hostile individuals with known ties to violent Islamic Fundamentalist Groups. The term “meat” indicates the individual(s) have a date with Allah, regardless if they attempt to surrender or not and what is left of their bodies is best described as a slab of meat.
"Fire at will, if any of those assholes are recognizable as whale shit, we're doing it agian"
by Melvin Purvis June 21, 2005
A police term used to describe subduing a person violently resisting arrest. Once the chump is placed in the paddy wagon, away from public view, officers will utilize “compliance by pain” holds that do not leave any marks or bruising. Usually, this involves pinching arterial vessels where nerve endings are prevalent, ie., inner bicep near shoulder and the neck area. “Dance” refers to the fact this always occurs with two or more officers, two holding the suspect (chump), the third applying the pressure holds
Copper: "Were gonna dance with this muthafucka once we get him the wagon".
by Melvin Purvis June 21, 2005

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