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last name of jared and shannon
brothers and members of the band 30 seconds to mars. which is an awesome band. jared is also an actor.
jared plays guitar and is lead singer of the band
while shannon plays the drums
look there is jared and shannon leto they are so fuckin hot
especially jared
by Melsy March 25, 2007
an alcoholic drink that is melon flavoured availible in australia and its green. you drink it with juice or lemonade or both.
have you tried midori nigga? its great
by Melsy May 12, 2006
means doing ya own thang be an individual
I'm here making music and smokin my stuff
by Melsy February 26, 2006
someone who is either dumb or stupid far from sickage
and\or have no idea.
dude one: did you hear about the guy who doesn't know what a pimp is

dude 2: yeah he is so thick

dude one: I know
by Melsy October 14, 2005
foul smell usually a smell where you need deodorant or something
oh dog ya bathroom smells nasty fetch some deodorant or something its so nasty
by Melsy May 12, 2006
to steal something and not return it back
I left my bling in my room and some motherfucker doinked it
by Melsy October 14, 2005
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