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Anything classic or old that still performs like new.
Old but solid gold: Windows XP, iMac G3, That lamp in your aunt's basement.
by melonman36 January 23, 2010
Perhaps the worst ship to ever sail the ocean.

Its figurehead was a whore in bed, and its mast was the Captain's penis.

It is such a horrible vessel, it has its own song:

Aboard the good ship venus,
by christ ya should've seen us.
The figurehead was a whore in bed,
and the mast was the captains penis.

The Sex Pistols picked up this song, rewrote it, and named it Friggin' in the Riggin'
dirty sailor song, bawdy sea shanty.

Aboard the good ship venus...
by Melonman36 April 10, 2010
LeBron James' favorite beverage
...after pouring Traitorade over his head, LeBron said he was going to Miami heat.
by Melonman36 August 07, 2010
Mad Old People Attempting Racing
Dodge challenger, Plymouth barracuda, and other Chrysler, and desoto cars are MoPar, a.k.a. Mostly old parts and repairs.
by Melonman36 November 28, 2011

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