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"Room without a roof" is a lyric from Pharrell Williams' Oscar nominated song, "Happy." The term, room without a roof, is basically an idiomatic expression meaning that there is no limitation to how far you can take yourself in life.
I just got my dream job and the sky's the limit for me...I am in a room without a roof!!
by MellyinMay March 17, 2014
A fictional city that is first referred to in Ambrose Bierce's 1891 story "An Inhabitant of Carcosa." In the HBO series, True Detective, Carcosa is a place where the Yellow King is worshipped with both black magic and violence.
Time is a flat circle in Carcosa. Sacrifices are made to the Yellow King in Carcosa.
by MellyinMay March 10, 2014
A term used to describe a situation, someone or even something that is both scandalous and sexy.
The club got scandalescent real quick after the DJ starting spinnin'.

Damn, the booty on that stripper is scandalescent!

Your liking on Sally's younger brother is kinda scandalescent.
by MellyinMay April 01, 2011
Funktagion can be an illness or disease contracted from dirty hippies. Funktagion can also be the stench coming off of dirty hippies.
Dude, I caught a whiff of some serious dirty hippie funktagion while in the parking lot at the Phish concert last night.

A contagious funktagion was going around when we were camping at the Rainbow Gathering and I caught it! Ughhhh!!

Patchouli oil is strong, unstoppable funktagion that does NOT cover up BO and makes it worse.
by MellyInMay September 14, 2011
A person who uses Manic Panic hair dye to color their hair. The color palette of the dye is primarily florescent (pink, blue, green, bright red, ect.) and was widely used during the mid 1990's rave scene.
Remember when Lily Allen dyed her hair Barbie pink? She was rockin' the manic panicker look back then.

Those pseudo-rave kids at the club tonight were totally annoying. That one manic panicker looked like a douche with that crazy ass dye job.

I hate it when wrestlers or suicide girl wannabes go all manic panicker and dye their hair different colors every week.
by MellyInMay November 23, 2011

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