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A derogatory term for a promiscous or whorrish person (typically female). A derivation of the critically aclaimed film Slumdog Millionaire. It implies the person it describes has had sex millions of times.
I heard Jeff got laid last night.
Yeah but it was with a Cumdog Millionaire.
Oh well she looked slutty I guess.
by mellowfellow February 25, 2009
A combination of the words Manifest and Destiny. No matter what, no matter how hard you try, if you finish high school history, you'll here someone say this in your class. Bet he thinks he's clever too.
Jefferson said it was America's manifest destiny to expand its borders all the way to the pacific.
Washington decided to shorten his rambling friend's ideas to Manifestiny. And he thought he was clever...
But everyone else in the room was thinking it.
by mellowfellow February 25, 2009
1. The surface on which one typically plays guitar. Does not have to be an actual tarmac or similar item. Can be used during practice, concert, or jamming.
I sat on my guitarmac to test my new riff. I fell asleep on there too. Good thing my bed is my guitarmac.
by mellowfellow February 25, 2009
A person who implies they have a taste for Cannabis/Marijuana or is curious about partaking, but never actually follows through. Despite their curiosity, they don't get into 'trouble'.
I heard Matt wants to hit out circle tonight.
Yeah, but he's a Curious George. I wouldn't bet on him showing up.
by mellowfellow February 25, 2009
1. A large city in Peurto Rico.
2. A slang term for a homosexual (usually male). Term discovered upon realizing that the popular tourist town of San Juan, Peurto Rico had an unusually high count of gay male residents. Oddly enough, many of them spoke fluent German. In no way is this term derogatory: simply observational
"Siehst du die San Juan"
"Did you see the San Juan? who just walked by?"
"You mean the gay guy? Yeah, I saw his boyfriend too."
by Mellowfellow February 23, 2009

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