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3 definitions by Mellion Bob

n.) A place that acts as a medium for many drug dealers and or the partaking of said drugs.
n.) A house of hustling.
n.) Mell Hall University of Georgia
1) Dude, I got fucking wasted in the traphouse the other night.

2) If you are looking for a party you should hit up Mell's 3rd floor, it's a real traphouse.
by Mellion Bob February 22, 2006
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Basically a flaming homosexual hailing from a gay friendly community of the Northeast such as South Portland, ME or Providence, RI. Known specifically for looking out of place or just loitering.
(Definition does not refer to a specific person)
They are one Ben Card away from a fruit salad.
by Mellion Bob September 22, 2005
5 2
Suck My Dick -- 2 Times. Because sometimes once just isn't enough.
Guy 1: That twat was being difficult so I was like "SMD2X"

Guy 2: Nice, how did that turn out?

Guy 1: Of course she acquiesced.
by Mellion Bob August 01, 2010
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