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Cutest creature imaginable but with an amazing talent to annoy. This name is thought to originate in Mid-Wales.
She was a real Pookybear but every we wnet out she embarrassed me!. or I love her but I just cant handle a Pookybear.
by Mellers April 26, 2004
This is a name given to a person who is Extremely "PIKEY" or "SCUM" in nature and also suffers from a terrible twitch which could cause them to throw money all over the village shop or Inadvertently entertain school children on a bus.
"Wahey look at Twitchard go she's gonna smack someone with that hand in a minute!" or "Hey look over there, it's Richard and Twitchard!"
by Mellers April 24, 2004
this is a colloquialism for an Indian food celebration and stems from a small South Shropshire village called "Worthen"
"I Reckon on friday we should get in some beer and invite Philbin over here for a rajwanet"
by Mellers April 24, 2004

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