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na. An acute fear or hatred of young people, ie; persons under the age of consent (16 in Western Australia).
"The principal of the school seems to suffer from pedophobia"
#pedophobic #pedophillia #pedophilliac #pedophile #pediatrics
by Mell Kerr September 21, 2006
na. A tense fear and/or dislike of men (usu. over age of consent), arbitrarily due to their sex and/or gender. May manifest itself in the oppression and unjust ridicule of men. Is the word that men look for when they incorrectly use the word 'feminism'. Is akin to mysogyny against women.
"My mother is a practiser of mascodiarism, she regularly abuses my father and she cries for me, given that I will be a man one day."
#mascodiarist #mascodiaristic #feminism #chauvanism #mysogyny
by Mell Kerr September 21, 2006
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