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Anybody who is against emos, ie jocks, meatalheads, anybody who is not an emo.
Emo: *tears* My girlfriend dumped me, and i'm really hurt.
Human: When did she dump you?
Emo: Three years ago, she dumped me for crying for six months straight when they ran out of my favorite soy beverage at the store.
Human: Get over it, I hate you and all your whiny emo friends so much, I am now anti-emo.
by Melizzie March 27, 2008
A word meaning both awesome and amusing.
Joe: I can't wait for spring break, it will be so awesome!
Kate: It will be so amusing!
David: It will be awesome and amusing!
Jane: It will be awemusing!
by Melizzie March 27, 2008
A is for Angsty; always angsty, often without reason.

B is for Bangs; to cover their eyes in a rather stupid way, causing them to trip a lot.

C is for Clone; they are all alike.

D is for Define; they not only are emo, they must constantly define themselves as emo.

E is for Everybody; all the people who want to beat them up.

F is for Facebook; because they can't make friends in real life.

G is for "Guys"; because it just needs air quotes.

H is for Half Haircut; because they only pay for half which is why they have side bangs.

I is for I; because that is all they think about.

J is for Joyless, because they are determined to have no fun.

K is for Kitten; because they are equal to kittens in both stregnth and intellegence.

L is for Love: because they cry so much about it.

M is for Myspace.com; because otherwise they would have no friends.

N is for Nonconformist; because they are such nonconformists because they conform to the nonconformists.

O is for Overly Dramatic; because they can't stop whining.

P is for Poetry; it takes two emos to screw in a lightbulb, on to do it, and one to write a poem about it.

Q is for Quitters; because they are such experts.

R is for Razors; because their HD TVs are not big enough, so the solution is self-mutilation.

S is for Scars; up and down their arms.

T is for Tantrum; because the store was out of their favourite soy drink.

U is for Ugly; because most of them don't know they are, but all of them are.

V is for Virgin; no reason at all...

W is for Want; because no matter ho much they have, thay still want more.

X is for X-acto; they cut themselves to feeeeeel.

Y is for Youth; among many things wasted.

Z is for Zero, all the world wants and needs.
Dick: ...Want, X-acto, Youth, and Zero.
Jane: What was that song you were singing, Dick?
Dick: It is the emo alphabet, from our book "Emo With Dick and Jane."
by Melizzie March 27, 2008
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