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3 definitions by Melissa hates dolphins

More money = better than. A rather fail safe way to gauge the value of human worth.
Carl Espick, econmist and editor of Value Magazine-
Did you know that, according to Worthington's Law, the opera singer who called himself, 'The Great Caruso' was nowhere near as great as Sammy Hagar, The Red Rocker? So shut up, Caruso! Hey! Who's greater than Saint Francis of Assisi? How about, uh, Darryl Strawberry? See ya later, Saint Frannie, ya schmuck. Hey, guess who's better than Van Gogh. Let's see, after adjusting for inflation... almost everybody! He made nothing!"

Random Mechanic-
So that means that I'm better than Van Gogh and Galileo put together!

And I'm better than you, brainiac.
by melissa hates dolphins September 03, 2006
A game played by Chicano adolescents all over Southern California (aka So Cal), as an alternative to your average game of Slug Bug. One sibling/friend slugs the other when they find a stereotypical Mexican work truck (often spotted with shoddy primer jobs, brahma bull stickers on the door, old english font surname/birthplace window decals and landscaping machinery in the bed) and with three or more Mexican seated inside. When calling out, you say the number of people in the pickup, so the number always changes. Brownie points for more people than seats in said vehicle.
"Dude, Chata- Four Chunts in a Truck!"
(a hefty slug ensues)

"No way Pendeja, that's only Three Chunts in a Truck!!"
(retaliation slug)
by melissa hates dolphins September 04, 2006
A haircut from the 90's that consisted of a shorn lower half and a long ponytail on the crown on the head. It is sometimes referred to as a tellum, but not to be confused with scene hair. While usually spotted on white trash it is not relegated solely to white folks. Remember the dude from Living Colour? He had a Cap with dreads.

So why does this hairstyle still exsist? Please do the rest of us a favor and shave the top part of your head if you still have one. Oh, and Meghan thinks K-Fed should have one. Hell, he probably did.
"Hey dude, check out the Lollapalooza Cap on that Scott Stapp-looking motherfucker!"
by Melissa hates dolphins August 25, 2006