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Natty light is beer I drink when the {pay} check isn't what I wanted it to be.
Sure, the 1st one is kinda rough, but it's smooth sailing after that. You get the same buzz as you would off of other light beers except you get 12 beers for the price of 6. Ya feel me?
Definition: Natty Light is something that gets ya the same buzz as those pricey drinks like Miller Lite and Bud Light. Ya hear that you preppy fuckers???
by Melissa Todd July 10, 2006
A smooth Tennessee sippin' whiskey. Sold as green label, black label, Gentlemen Jack, Single Barrel, and the rare Silver Select. Distilled and bottled out of the Jack Daniel Distillery in the beautiful Lynchburg, Tennessee. If you ever get a chance I'd highly reccommend going. Been there twice and can't wait to go back!! Dusty is the BEST tour guide ever. I love you buddy!
Last month I drove 7 hours to Lynchburg to sip on some smooth Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, drink Jack on Jack's grave, and see my buddy Dusty.
by Melissa Todd August 04, 2006
A person who, when engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages, is very social.
"Last week at that party I seen that dude that never talks. I gave him a shot of Jack and he turned into a social drinker. Dude wouldn't shut the fuck up!"
by Melissa Todd August 26, 2006
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