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122 definitions by Melissa

the air in a room or bar in which there are cigarette smokers present.
The smokemosphere in this room is so thick that we should open a window.
by Melissa June 28, 2004
Sweaty nutsacs that are SO funky they smell like month old rotton cauliflower.
"Oh god man, I can smell your funkynuts all the way over here, I'm gonna pass out if you don't put your boxers back on"
by Melissa January 21, 2004
When a man's jewels are so cold that they shrivel up into almost invisible peas.
"Hey man! I'm a freakin' shrivelnuts, this pool is WAY too cold to swim in!"
by Melissa January 28, 2004
When someone has to pee so bad their bladder literaly explodes.
"Dude, I gotta pee soo bad I'm gonna have a bladder splatter!"
by Melissa January 06, 2004
Said when wanting to show appreciation, especially used by skinny, preppy females. Tends to be used by people who overuse the word "thanks"
*Skinny preppy girl sneezes*
"Bless you."
by Melissa April 21, 2005
a rather large truck near mountain biking that well, looks like a dude truck
"Hey, look at that dude truck"
by Melissa January 21, 2005
the vagina of a girl that has a name beginning with "mel"
I ate some melgina last night.
by melissa November 05, 2004