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122 definitions by Melissa

A humble guy who is gifted at pulling chicks.
What a 'Charl'
by Melissa September 01, 2003
1. Another term for wedgie, as in grabbing hold of the back of a person's underpants and yanking upwards until they scream.

2. Tim Horton's contest slogan.

Background: Canadian
I grabbed my roommate's underwear and yelled 'Rrrroll up the rrrrrrrim to win!' until he started screaming.
by Melissa June 09, 2004
hottest guy EVER!!! featured on The Newsies, Robocop 2, etc. GREAT HAIR AND SEXY BODY!!!
1) no one is hotter than Gabriel Damon
by melissa April 05, 2005
A high impact competition in hauppauge high school that includes numerous teams which consists of 3 males and 3 females where the girls are as strong and equally competitive as the guys. We are going to dominate all the stupid sluts and hoes who think they have athletic ability but in reality are just doing it for the attention.
You dont know whats coming at you with our intense dodgeball team!
by Melissa December 14, 2004
Grease derived from geese..
That spread like goose grease all over the land.
by Melissa March 18, 2005
Individuals who are in denial about their homosexuality.
I heard Jack likes to take it up the ass. He's one of the village people.
by Melissa August 28, 2003
taken from Dashboard COnfessional's lead singer, Christopher Carrabba, a "Carrabba" is a hot guy/girl....
Check that guy, he's a total carrabba....
by Melissa May 31, 2003