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122 definitions by Melissa

a "bath" that cleans only the body parts that smell. monkey baths typically do not involve total immersion in bath water, but rather require only the use of a washcloth and water.
ah man i dont have enough time for a shower...i'd better just take a monkey bath.
by Melissa September 11, 2003
a long period of time
I waited at the restaurant for him for yonks and yonks
by melissa May 25, 2003
Female that car hop and only wants you for your money.
Girl he ugly but look at that car and platium grill, I think I want to holla!
by melissa September 14, 2003
to puke your guts out
I drank so much that I harfed all night.
by Melissa September 06, 2003
a guy's dick
Hey, look at that guy's coq!
by Melissa December 26, 2003
A womans genitalia,usually having fur.
Can I eat chur pusseh?
by melissa February 07, 2004
the shit; the best
i am da shiznit... that movie was da shiznit
by melissa October 19, 2003