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The german pronunciacion of weekends.
Felicia, Lyndz, and Melissa go to Universal over the veekends to see Robert.
#melissa #lyndz #felicia #hoe #c.e.o. #slut
by Meliss, Lyndz, Felicia May 06, 2007
A high class or powerful woman that happens to be a slut or a prostitute to get places in the work place. This name is only given to professionals who know what they are doing. This status helps advance their position in the work world.
Melissa, Lyndz, and Felicia are not qualified for the job at which they occupy yet have risen to power by being a c.e.hoe.
#melissa #lyndz #felicia #hoe #c.e.o. #slut
by Meliss, Lyndz, Felicia May 06, 2007
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