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The number one cause of babies worldwide.
Tarzan: Let's have sex and make a baby!
Jane: Okay!!
by Melisande October 01, 2007
Where a girl puts one or more icecubes up her vagina for pleasure.
*family is sitting down eating dinner*
Mom: Here honey, I'll go re-fill your glass for you.
Mom: *goes in the ktichen, slips a few icecubes in her, and refills Dad's drink*
Dad: Why thank you, honey.
Mom: *sits down and moans super loud*
Children: O____O whats wrong, mommy?!
Mom: Of, nothing dears. I'm just icecubing.
by Melisande October 10, 2007
Another word thingy for "kitty."

Another word for a sexy girl.
Girl: Hey, look at that cuuuuute ceeaytee over there!!

Guy: I sure would like to fuck that ceeaytee.
by Melisande October 07, 2007

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