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The fact of being besties
My bestiship with Lydia used to be something I had renounced to, but latest events proved that it was stronger than ever.
by MeliorMelusine June 05, 2011
According to Dr. Chris Turk, surgeon in Sacred Heart hospital, it means: someone who is guilty of a lie of omission.
He calls his wife a lie-omitter.
Carla: okay, maybe I'm guilty of a lie of omission.
Turk: Cause you're a lie-omitter!
by MeliorMelusine June 04, 2011
Little blue beings from a Belgian comic.
The name in French is "Schtroumpf"; that means "sock" in German. (with another spelling: "Strumpf")
The author says that his comic was not aimed to be communist propaganda though loads of people think it is.

Their reproduction is very mysterious, but they seemed to be made out of clay by humans and taken to the village by a stork when the moon is blue.
The only female of the village was made by the villain of the comic to stir things up in the little community and it actually worked... No comment

They know how to make flutes that make everyone dance.
I'd love to live in the Smurf's village

- What's smurfer than the smurf of my smurf?
- My smurfer's smurf.
by MeliorMelusine June 04, 2011
The contrary of to perplex.
To make things clear, to free (someone) from uncertainties and confusion.
This ecstasy doth unperplex

... and tell us what we love

John Donne
by MeliorMelusine November 29, 2014

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