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a compliment that can mean multiple things.
1. too cool for words
2. bad ass
3. freakin' sick
4. ghetto fabulous
5. damn sexy

Can be prounced by slurring(speeding up) the bitch and stressing the short "a" vowel so it sounds like beachaaaaaaaaaahs
1. Wow check our Sara's BITCH ASS shades, i gotta get me a pair of dem
2. That was one BITCH ASS move you just did on that board, i hope you didn't break your arm.
3. woahh! How do you do those BITCH ASS dance moves that's like amazing!
4. That hat is so BITCH ASS, i wish my lid was dat cool.
5. That bustier looks so BITCH ASS on that chick I would totally love to hook up with her.
by Melina um sexy! April 20, 2008
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