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3 definitions by Meles Borealis

This is a Montreal (which has a great public-transport system) term, that I first heard in the late 1950's. A tweezot is a pervert who gets down on his knees to suck the farts out of the cushions of the back bench seat of a bus, particularly if an attractive person has just relinquished that seat. The back seat was favoured because on the older Montral busses the row of seats in front of it had a sort of panel that blocked the driver's view of anyone crouching down there. (The busses have since been redesigned.)
A young secretarial type stood up to get off the crowded bus at the next stop. I tried to push my way to the vacant seat, but some tweezot got there first.
by Meles Borealis March 22, 2006
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When bad programming (or a bad compiler/loader) causes a computer to 'write' data over a portion of memory that it later thinks is programming instructions in machine code, it will end up doing unpredictable things, depending on that data. By extension, any action which is likely to have unpredictable, unforseen or chaotic results.

Usually heard among techies who program in assembly language or machine code.
"I wouldn't tell your wife about your one-night stand in Tulsa if I were you; that would be self-modifying code."
by Meles Borealis February 08, 2008
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A very messy drinking game. In a bar or other watering hole, people pours their beers on the floor or a long table. Then, people take turns running up to the puddle and belly-flopping into it, to see how far along they can slide. Gatoring usualy starts whenever 'Johnny B Goode' comes on the jukebox.
Chuck Berry blared from the bar's jukebox; Jason yelled, "Gatoring!" and the entire party tipped their beers out onto the table.
by Meles Borealis March 22, 2006
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