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Stuck...in trouble...oops
<Becky> Yo im in a bit of a pickle of a jam
by Melecky May 19, 2003
Commonly known as a scottish delicacy...now used as a light insult between friends
<Becky> your such a skanky haggis Mel
<Mel> Yeh well at least im not a mouldy one with baby poo hair
by Melecky May 19, 2003
More well known as a scottish delicacy
but also used as an insult between friends as it is not that insulting
Mouldy Haggis
Skanky Haggis
Mouldy Haggis with baby poo hair
by Melecky May 19, 2003
The togetherness...wat do u call that...joining..wateva of 2 words
its and alright to form the meaning of its alright...im good...ect
<Mel> Hey how u going?
<Becky> s'alright...u?
<Mel> s'alright ay
by Melecky May 19, 2003

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