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5 definitions by Melanie M

Slang used in Liverpool, UK, meaning mate, pal, buddy etc.
Alright, laa, how's it going?
by Melanie M August 09, 2005
After having unprotected sex, the woman is left full of semen and as such has to do a John Wayne type walk to the bathroom to clean up, trying not to get cum running down her legs.
After we had sex, I had to John Wayne It to the bathroom real quick incase we woke his Dad up!
by Melanie M September 06, 2005
Something you say when you're suprised or shocked.
Hella biscuits! I haven't seen you in forever, where did you pop up from!?
by Melanie M August 09, 2005
1 - Hot Sexy Man, a man who is hot!!
2 - "Hey Sexy Man!!", Something you and your girls shout to hot men walking by.
1 - Reuben is such a HSM
2 - He was giving me the eye so I HSM'd him and ended up getting his phone number!
by Melanie M September 06, 2005
Slang name for a gay man. References from Augustus Gloop in the Willy Wonka film, who met his untimely demise by getting stuck up a chocolate chute.
John is such an Augustus, you can tell by what he wears!
by Melanie M August 09, 2005