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66 definitions by Melanie

A jail-like slave factory that sells food and is covered in cockroaches.
That sucks...you work at Mars Supermarket?
by Melanie July 05, 2003
to remove stuffing from an object.
Kelly unstuffed the teddy bear because she was mad at Ana.
by Melanie February 14, 2005
when one's foot is chopped off. a spinoff of decapitated.
"Mrs. Solmon deshoeitated me for touching something on the prop table."
by melanie February 23, 2004
Is a word for someone who has no respect for anyone. Its nothing to do with the way they dress or the music they listen to.
Ugh... you are such a scally
by melanie November 26, 2003
A sleek black lab that has a very tender body that resembles Filet Mignon steak.
Look! The steak dog is asleep on the couch. Let's attempt to sneak past it.
by Melanie July 14, 2003
A Kobaloid creature possessing great strength. Orcs usually come out at night but are not fully nocturnal. They are the second most intelligent (to Goblins) and second strongest (to trolls) Kobaloids. In general they are a society of barbaric, sociopathic warriors, but some will resort to more peaceful methods. If it suits their interests, of course. Since they are, of course, not real, use this term to refer to a stupid and brutish individual.
Tom Buchanan is such an Orc.
by Melanie October 10, 2003
1) When there is a big ruckus.
2) When something isn't going as planned.
-- Surfers use it alot --
Theres a group of surfers out waiting for a swell then the perfect wave comes and a bunch of people go for it and end up snakin' the ride while bumping into each other, then my friend you would use the word turbulence (with the hang ten hand movement).
by Melanie June 09, 2004