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Abrevation for homework, given to you by teachers, from a school.
I gotta go do my hw.
by MelRike February 25, 2003
Not a top of a park, and not a park. A place in Ann Arbor Michigan, where people hang out in the summer. Lots of druggies there. Top of a parking structure, where they play movies on the side of a building. Near the power center. Great place (expecially fo couples)!
Abrevation: TOTP, or TOP
Randa: Are you going to top tonight?
Sheida: Duh! Can I get a ride?
by MelRike February 25, 2003
Nickname for Randa I. Osman
Strange, Crazy, Entergetic girl.
Mel: Who is a dork?
Randa: RIO is!
by MelRike February 25, 2003

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