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A fucking great metal band. Im getting Peice of mind on vinyl soon woo, and powerslave. Mmmm vinyl. My ambition in life is to get all their albums. There best songs are probably, Children of the damned, The wicker man, Fear of the dark or the trooper.
Some lucky bastard: Did you see Iron maiden live recently?
Me: No, i wasnt allowed and i had no money dammit, and when i had money it had sold out.
Some Lucky bastard: Ahh pity there fucking great live, best metal act ever and there British, woo!
a word used by someone who cannot spell but it was the same meaning as piss off.
you can see this on msn:
P1: your mum is so fat she needs to use a whole roll of bog roll for a tampon
P2: Pis off!!!!
P1: retard....
My good mate Rich, he loves AFI and if u steal any of his AFI things he'll scream at you, you should know better, tsk. A great funny guy that enjoys taking disco piss's.
P1: Who is that guy wearing black and an AFI t-shirt dancing and flicking the lights as he takes a piss?
P2: Ahhh that would be Rich Simpkin, and its called a disco piss, tsk you should know these things

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