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Fun and/or joy induced by alcohol consumption. Used in the TV Series "The Big Bang."
After leaving the bar Cheers, Jack and Diane engaged in some alcohol-induced frivolity.
by Mel S. Hutson May 13, 2008
When celebrities go into hiding, rehab, or prison after engaging in disgraceful behavior.
Emerging from his shame cocoon after railing against Jews, Mel Gibson donated one million dollars to the Holocaust Fund.
by Mel S. Hutson May 13, 2008
A group of gullible people.
The purveyor of counterfeit $100 Jimmy Buffett tickets took his customers for a ride on the Sucker Train.
by Mel S. Hutson May 13, 2008
Greedy tendency. Based on the character Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.
My inner Gordon Gekko motivated me to sell the car for $10,000, even though I knew it had hidden water damage from the flood.
by Mel S. Hutson May 13, 2008

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