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Male who has a particular penchant for anal sex or one who is known for being skilled in this dark art. The Asstronaut is said to seek deep space, making it a clever play on words.
Toby is famed for being an Asstronaut and likes nothing more than probing your anus.
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by Mel Carroll May 23, 2008
A man who eats pussy when his girl is on her menstrual cycle.In other variations, the man fucks the bloody cunt, then the girl sucks his cock clean. Named because of the blackcurrant drink Ribena.
Harry doesn't miss out if his girl is on her period, and neither does she. He happily admits he is "A bit of a Ribena Boy!"
#period #menstrual cycle #pussy eating #cunnilingus #blow-job
by Mel Carroll May 22, 2008
When a person goads you into competing with them, then they lose and make you feel terrible. Particularly associated with online gaming. Lidgifying is a very clever form of emotional blackmail which almost, but not quite, takes away the pure pleasure of humiliating your foe then making sure everyone knows about it.
Toni: YEAH! I beat you fair and square, even though you said you'd annihilate me! Geoff: Yes. You win. I'm so so rubbish and inadequate and everyone hates me :-( Toni: Aw you've lidgified me Geoff! It's not my fault you're shit!
#victor #melinate #wanker #fudge nudger #gay #poof
by Mel Carroll May 27, 2008
The act of spending a fucking fortune on a luxury Swedish car, only for it to terminally break down two years later.
Toni: WTF!!! The fucking engine has packed in??? It's never been out of the bastard repair shop since I bought the cunt!! Geoff: I told you, you stupid bitch, THAT is SAABotage! But you never fucking listen, do you??? Toni: Wanker!
#toni #geoff #twat #wanker #bum #ninny
by Mel Carroll May 28, 2008
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