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an internet acronym representing laughter. stands for "laughing so loud even beethoven can hear me and he was deaf when he was alive."
person 1: ...and he said, that was no piccolo! that was my fife!

person 2: lslebchmahwdwhwa!
by Mel April 21, 2005
In a lot of trouble
California is knee deep with Arnold Schwartzenegger running things.
by Mel November 02, 2003
A mix of the two words hug and cuddle. But more affectionate than a hug.
A love word, used between couples or best friends.
Could I have a huggle please?
Huggle me please darling.

by mel July 08, 2004
Nick name for the game "Adventure Island 2" for NES
Let's play Tonomagaga
by Mel February 23, 2003
to hook up with or pash, usually involving some random whose name you never got in the first place or can't remember. Can also refer to engaging in some form of carnal knowledge without actually possessing any or very little information regarding your conquest.
Girl 1: "did you win on?"
Girl 2: "yeah...then I hid in the bathrooms all night."

Boy 1: "so I met this girl, and we won on, and I got her digits and tried to call but it was the wrong number."
by Mel January 10, 2005
A bear named Shelly;

A nickname for your banging buddy and/or the love of your life.
Did you see Shellybear tackling that honeycomb?

Aww...Shellybear, I wuv you.
by Mel November 14, 2004
theproper way to say go in the movie "you got served"
man, you better gizo before i pop a cap in your ass
by mel July 06, 2004
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