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a female version of the beer gut, starting really low in the mid-section
I can see her ponch through her pants!
by mel September 15, 2003
In reference to the internet image board 4Chan, refers to moving a discussion to a certain board on the site. In gb2/b, for instance, the user is telling another user to move a discussion to /b, one of the several boards on the site. This is used when the discussion is completely out of context to a select section's subject matter.
Fucking furries! gb2/b
by Mel December 21, 2004
free,unconventional,brilliant,genius,dirty outside but good hearted,sexy black eyes,drunken speech and moving,great pirat,captain of the black pearl
the only rule that really matters is:what a man can do and what a man can't do....so can you sail under the command of a pirate?
by mel October 22, 2003
Derogatory term referring to religious individuals who follow the Catholic faith and pick and choose which doctrines of the Church they wish to follow and which ones they don't.
"Well, I'm against abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual marriages... But contraceptives are alright in my book."

"You reek of Cafeteria Catholicism -- We're not running a buffet! You can't just go in and get what you want..."
by Mel November 30, 2005
Whereas a paper cut is a cut resulting from contact with the edge of a piece of paper, a cardboard cut is a cut resulting from contact with the edge of a sheet of cardboard. While usually rare in occurence, they hurt like HELL.
Oh, SHI- I just got a cardboard cut trying to open this box of trash bags!
by Mel March 21, 2006
The "theory" that when two men are each given a 6 pack of beer and sufficient porn, they theoretically turn gay (or rather, bisexual).
We tested the six beer theory with Bill and Joe, and sure enough, they exchanged numbers after the experiment.
by Mel March 31, 2004
What people say when they feel stupid and want to laugh at someone.
Sam: Gary?
Gary: Yeah?
Sam: Smells!!
Gary: Shut up, you fucking loser.
by Mel August 27, 2004
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