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136 definitions by Mel

1. Hairy, overweight creature resembling man, known for his love of chicken wings and hideous hats.
"Dude, what's the deal with slob's fuzzy blue hat?"
by mel March 14, 2005
the word "nice" but accented the "o" too much and turned the "ce" into a "z" sound.
man her new car is noyz!
by mel March 12, 2005
a Detroit original: the stripmall infested corporate diamond mines, geographically located just outside of the city boundaries, otherwise known as the SUBURBS. The first part of name describes the area's contributions to it's parental city's resources. The second part of the word is just ironic. Also the home of the WASTE-OID.
We drove through miles of wastelands on our journey to the city, stopping only once for a burger named mac and a biggie fry.
by Mel March 04, 2005
Originates from a lil town in England where all the hard working RA Admins are born.

Lover of beer and other alcoholic beverages.
I am soooo the coolest mod.....
by Mel April 06, 2004
A well-known avant-garde author, co-author of The Epic of Popes, Pinaples, Peni, and Prince Charles Being Carried Into the Abyss of My Lord," along with Fippleosa McDurfur and Tra-quee Squeebenhofen III.
I am a great admirer of the work of Beniquila Monsontra.
by Mel May 21, 2005
movin' through at a cool pace
i was snebbin through the park one day.
by mel April 04, 2005
another kool word for CD
Take out the cidizzy from the stizerio.
by mel January 07, 2005