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136 definitions by Mel

A station wagon, in a version of a pussy wagon.
"were's my mom with the pussy wagon?"
by mel March 23, 2005
8 5
It mean to burn the good shit
hey what's up burn that shit
by mel August 24, 2004
14 11
This is a rubbish secondary school in the outskirts of bordon. Only send your child here if you want them to be educated in the area of Pikey and nothing else. If you tell anyone who doesnt live in Bordon that you go to Mill Chase they will automatically think you are a pikey.
Group: So, what school do you go to?
Mill Chaser: Mill Chase
Group: RUN!
by Mel July 18, 2004
8 5
Urban term for a faggy indecissive bipolar male.
What a Fagno!
Wheres that Fagno!
Your a Fagno?
by mel June 30, 2004
3 0
A somewhat quirkey term for one's bum, specifically one's bum-hole. Can be shortened to "bing" as well.

See also: bunghole
"What a pain in the bing!"
by Mel March 11, 2004
4 1
Vending Machine Breakfast: A pastry or something from a vending machine at work that you eat if you don't have time to have anything better. Some people will have VMLs or even (God help them) VMDs.
Oh, man, what time is it? 6:45?! Shit, I gotta get to work. I'll just have to have a VMB.
by Mel October 13, 2003
6 3
The insertion of the word "the" before an adjective to increase the intensity of the statement.
That party was the awesome.
by Mel May 21, 2005
4 2