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Nigerian slang; Going out to of your way to to impress people, especially the oppsite sex. Trying to look fly.
Mr A: "Did he see that? he pulled up to the club in a bentley,... enough efizzy"

Mr B: "Yeah but I bet he dosen't have a dime in his pockects after paying for that car"

With all my efizzy at the club the other day, the girls' panties literally disappeared!!
by Meka O August 17, 2010
Nigerian slang- A bookworm, always buried in books, nerd looking, usually smart.
I'm sure Bill Gates must have been a serious effico when he was younger,.. yeah but who gives a shit now??
by Meka O August 17, 2010
Nigerian slang: Elderly man who uses the lure of a good time to seduce young girls (usually young college girls). Especially as they are working class and have disposable income that neither college girls nor their college boyfriends can compete with. A play on the word Aristocrat.
When I'm older, I'm gonna frequent this College dorm as an Aristo.

My Aristo is coming to pick me up today and we are heading to Tinapa for the weekend. See you girls on Monday.

Aristo levels is definately the way to go.
by Meka O August 17, 2010

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