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Someone who types on the Internet as if they were a 16 year old girl texting their BFF; it has been deduced that he types this way because of the sheer amounts of 16 year old girls he talks to daily.

A Wolfy will quickly create an environment where he is in power so he can mute or ban people who disagree with him or harass his troupe of underaged girls. Shows affection for muscular men with red costumes, who have unusually large, bleach-white teeth.
Wolfy: i sooo thot u wer 17
Wolfy: ur to old

Wolfy: brb gona work out an find sum jailbait
Wolfy signed off.
18 Year Old Female: I KNEW YOU WERE A WOLFY!!!!!!
by Meiya_So_Beefy August 13, 2009

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