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A battlefield 2 patch is similar to a computer virus. The patch slowly degrades the game into a heaping pile of crap. With each major match, a series of smaller hotfix patches are required to fix the many flaws of the major patch. Even after the hotfix patches, the bugs are still rampant.
"OMG BF 1.3 patch is out we're SAVED!!!"

"This battlefield 2 patch is a patch to patch the patch of the patched patch which needed to be patched after the patch before the original patch was patched."

by Meijer's! May 28, 2006
One of the best reality tv shows along with Real TV because it shows natural real-life events unlike shitty, fake-ass, staged shows like Survivor.
"Net week on survivor, Rob gets attacked by a shark OMG OMG!"
*Shark turns out to be a baby that a teenager could catch*

"Next week on Maximum Exposure, see what happens when bungee jumps snap, convenience store clerks fight back, and crazy Indian dude drinks boiling cooking oil!"
by Meijer's! January 29, 2006
Nickname for a person that pukes everytime they drink.
No one invites me to their parties anymore since I'm labeled as a pukey.
by Meijer's! December 09, 2006
The monkey in the middle is the person that is in the middle of two fighting sides. This person is friends with both arguing sides and wants to stay neutral but is eventually dragged into the fight, and one of the fighting sides become mad at them.
I feel bad for John, he just wants to have fun and not get involved in drama but he always becomes the monkey in the middle.
by Meijer's! January 14, 2007
A $50 modification from EA aimed at destroying the BF2 modding community. Contains a handful of new unimpressive features.
EA Fanboy: "Li3K OMG, EA ruxorz they maek teh best gaems! Battlefield 2142 4 t3h winzzzor"
by Meijer's! May 28, 2006

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