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A state of anti-socialism while in a crowded place. The prime position for meging is to be sitting in a corner, to have hunched shoulders, and to hold your phone relatively close to your face. Finally, you type "I love meging" over and over again to pretend you are in an intense and interesting conversation and to avoid having physical contact with others.
SK: "Meghan do you-"
MM: "Oh! Look I got a text!"
SK: "Oh look at her meging again..."
by Meging lover December 15, 2011
He is a person you can count on. He's always there when you need him, and he'll always be there to pick you up when you're down. He's someone that once you fall in love with, you can't fall out of love. As hard as I try to forget about him, I just can't forget how he made me feel, how we were effortless together. He is a best friend, someone who's loyal, who you can trust with your life. He'll always be there.
That kid is so nice! He must Chris Bopp.
by Meging lover September 06, 2011

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