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The younger of the two brothers, Prince Harry is the one who is allowed to die without it affecting the country, mostly. Did I mention he is ginger?
Prince Harry don't care, he does what he wants, just like Eric Cartman
by Meghan D April 16, 2007
Fuck Bag: A bag to be fucked and probably was already.
Sometimes when I'm drunk, I act like a real fuck bag, especially if I drink Vodka.
by Meghan D April 24, 2007
One of giant kinds most evil and ugly and rouge sons. He is in line to be King of England and when that day comes, he will free his Giant kin from the mountains and they will try to take over the world, along with his brothers Nazi clan.
(Ground Shaking) "Oh no! I think the giant Prince William and his Giant Nazi brother are coming! Run for it!"
by Meghan D April 16, 2007
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