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Used to describe someone who is in denial over his or her herpes or downplays them. Though a large blister on the corner of their mouth appears, they will demote it to a “canker sore” all the while telling you it is not contagious. Do not leave any open cups around this person, as they may drink out of it without giving it a second thought and thus spread the virus. Herpenialists are most contagious at the bar. They may attempt to make-out with you in complete disregard to any lesions affecting their oral regions.
Ralph: Michelle told me that her blistered lower lip was from drinking too much orange juice.

Dan: You can't trust her, she's a herpenialist. She had a huge sore on the side of her face last month. How do you explain that?

Ralph: Shit, I made out with her at the bar last night!!
by Meggy May November 10, 2009

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