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A guy that treats a girl with no respect.
slightly homosexual qualities and is often found to be singing Elton John (badly)

often lies and sometimes smells very bad.

usually comes with a white afro, spotty face and bad choice of clothes.

social reject! and very very unattractive.

girl 1: WOAH, why is that girl crying?

girl 2: that guy messed her around!

girl 1: how? :S
girl 2: he was Doing a Connor.

guy 1: hey dude, last night i totally did a connor!

guy 2: omg! how?

guy 1: I got paraletic from 2 beers, got my moobs out, tried to get with a girl that was way out of my league and I sang Elton John really badly.

guy1: FAIL.

by Meggisamazinggg!!! May 25, 2010

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