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1. The jealous and overly possesive girlfriend that everyone hates.

2. A drunk bitch, preferably ugly, most likely vomiting.

** Can also be interchanged with "sea bass" and "trout", depending on severity.
"That fucking fish was all up in my face at the bar last night and then she puked on my new kicks."

A. Have you met Anthony's girlfriend?

B. Oh, she's a fucking trout, man. Straight up sea bass.
by Megan Eason August 21, 2008
The shortening of "freak chin"
"Hey your boyfriend has a freak chin so we call him friction."
by Megan Eason August 25, 2008
1. Something that doesn't make any sense and cannot be fully explained.
2. Totally irrelevant.
3. Typical bullshit.
---shortened to "kravitz", used in a negative way.
"What the hell is that kravitz calling me for? We broke up five years ago."

A. Why'd you sleep with my girlfriend?

B. The football game was on and I was drunk...

A. Lenny Kravitz Stock Footage, dude.

B. You're right, bro. I just wanted a piece of ass. I'm sorry.
by Megan Eason August 21, 2008
When you're drunk at a bar and realize you have no money, you simply write it off as a business expense.

Your co-workers, Davis, Anderson and Johnson should be on top of things.
"Oh don't worry. I'll just fax this receipt over to Davis."

"What the hell did that Goddamned Anderson do with my files!?"

"Jesus Christ, Johnson. I knew I couldn't rely on a hack-job like you to get those reports in."
by Megan Eason August 21, 2008
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