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why do people think our state is so bad. have u even been to nj?
when people from like california think of us they think:
we say joisey

we're all italian
our state is a dump
what we're really like:
we say jurzee, not joisey. who the fuck came up w/ joisey?
we're not all italian, im not italian, im german and irish. and other fucking european countries
our state isnt a dump! only the borders are and near NYC

we can get our gas pumped for us, so wen its -2 degrees out, sucks for you!
oh ya the bes band is from here: bon jovi!
Fucked Up Person from like ND: eww u guys are dirty and who says joisey?
Awesome Person from New Jersey: 1. we're not dirty,at least we have a city and 2. i dont kno anyone from JERSEY who says joisey
by Megan <33 January 13, 2009

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