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A rucksack. Like a little kangaroo pouch you wear on your back to put things in. Backpack.
Cor, Georgia, your rucky is in a right horrible state. perhaps you should go get a new one?
by Megan June 14, 2006
A thildo is a thong...and a dildo...like a built in dildo on some panties..so the girl can have plesure whenever she wants
I went to the store and bought a thildo and now i dont have to hide it from my friends when im horny
by Megan March 25, 2005
wack, weird
That guy has some defunkitated shoes!
by megan May 28, 2004
someone who voluntarily vomits.
someone who suffers from bulimia
by megan March 11, 2004
THE HOTTEST AFrican american group thats now breakin up cuz of OMARION the ugly one
Jboog is fine
B2k is so hot
by megan January 13, 2004
A person that posseses asshole like qualities.
Oh my gosh you are such a donus!
by megan April 09, 2005
One cannot open one's mouth when one is being kissed by a member of the opposite sex, even when the person trying to kiss the individual has their tongue in one's mouth (so to speak).
Blondieblueyes tried to kiss Lurch this one time at band camp, and Lurch wouldn't open his mouth..no matter how hard Blondieblueyes tried. SHE EVEN PUT HER HAND ON HIS FACE!
by Megan February 22, 2005

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