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When someone obnoxiously offends you, ignores you, or hurts your feelings in any way.
Chase always jbows me by obnoxiously making fun of me all the time.
by megan April 25, 2005
I am not about to add anything new to this. Its not going to be anything that hasnt already been posted. If you think about it... there are possitives and negatives. You wont let yourself think about the negatives when your thinking about doing it yourself. But your not thinking about the possitives when you know/think you know someone who is planning on doing it. At that moment in time that person just wants to be left alone and to end everything wrong. Maybe im just taking sides. But I dont think anybody who actualy goes through with it did it for the attention. I am one of those people who wont talk about it. I would never ever bring it up. But when it comes up I will be dead silent. I dont want to dissapoint anybody... or hurt anyone. The only thing that is keeping me here is my "friend". Call me an idiot. I dont care. This is what I do instead... its not exactly a solution... but its better then full out killing yourself. cutting. Its something I can controle... it really helps. Sometimes you just need something your able to controle in your life. Before killing yourself... just try solution... ways around it...
"____ (insert name) did have it bad, but I sure wish she talked to someone... or atleast tried something less drastic."
by Megan June 05, 2004
Vagina Ninja
Used to describe anyone who is obsessed with vagina and gets a lot of it
George over there sure likes vagina. He's such a vaginja
by Megan April 23, 2006
That really awesome sound in techno music.
nnnts nnnts nnnts nnnts!
by Megan January 22, 2004
Fantastically bitchy. Often used to describe fat chicks or any other general female cunt. See asshole.
That fat cunt Staci was being slitacular last night, so I blew her boyfriend in the bathroom.
by Megan January 21, 2005
Completely ridiculous
"Man that shit is completely ridiculum to the fact, biznatch."
by Megan March 19, 2003
the female dressed lesbian in a relationship or group...

Look at that feme...
by Megan April 26, 2004

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