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137 definitions by Megan

sweet, awesome, narly, mondo, rad
I met these boys in florida, they were totally stokey.
by megan October 20, 2003
39 9
Someone that acts like a jerk, and dislikes many people, may have drank some of this.
Man you must have been sippin' on some hater aide!
by Megan July 02, 2004
56 30
In the RPG Dungeons and Dragons Aasimar are a race of beings that are hybrids of mortal and a celestial. Aasimar are less than half celestial.
Mike's character is a third level Aasimar cleric.
by Megan April 08, 2005
30 5
catchy phrase on tshirts.

way of saying jesus is freakin rad.
You know what? Jesus is my homeboy!!

by megAn March 30, 2004
58 35
It is a southern word used for over there or back there.They tend to use it quite often.
#1: I'm going over yander.
#2: Gotcha.See you over yander in a few I guess.
by Megan October 18, 2004
39 17
Shortening of the title of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, 'The Great Gatsby,' a book about the unattainable dream.

Something awesome, cool, nifty.
1. Educated Reader: I really enjoyed 'The Great Gatsby' and its discussion of yearning.

2. This show is gatsby!
by Megan August 31, 2004
76 55
A group of people who created the great music we should all listen to today and forever, SKA!!!!
"simmer down..."
Skatalites Featuring Bob Marley and the Wailers
by Megan February 24, 2005
26 8