137 definitions by Megan

smoking mad weed and getting soo fucked up
me and annie smoked mad sh!t and got skeeted!
by megan September 29, 2004
An adjective describing a male who has no penis. This male is often a dumbass, can't kiss, cries, grabs his own ass, walks funny, and carries an odor.
T.C., you are a pussy boy.
by Megan December 16, 2002
an awesome, rich, skinny, beautiful girl that everyone is jealous of or wants in their bed. or both.
omg, i wish i could live like paris hilton. and i wish she was in my bed.
by Megan February 21, 2005
niece of Julia Roberts who plays Addie on Unfabulous.
Did you know that Emma Roberts was on the Honor Council episode of Drake and Josh?
by Megan March 01, 2005
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