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Slacker, anti-christ, and unworthy of a higher position.
You dumb yahoozafitz.
by megan December 12, 2003
When in motion, cutting off other's moving directions in hopes of getting to your point "B".
Dale Jr. was bohoggin at the Talledaga Race of 2005 and cause 19 cars to pull over.
by Megan May 03, 2005
A white rapper in the early 1990s, who thought he was hot shit and if tried 2 do rap today wit the stuff he did then he would be acussed of bein gay
Ice Ice Baby
by Megan June 14, 2004
Something really cool,off the hook,hype
that night was krappizzle
by megan December 12, 2003
question: Ya wanna?
Answer: NO
by Megan February 27, 2003
Refers to anyone (preferabely males) who are of a shady disposition.
Did you hear what Andy did in her car last night?! Dude where's his sunglasses at night...
by Megan January 23, 2005
A phrase to be yelled when a mistake is made -- be it big or small. Japanese in origin.
1. Cindy: I broke a nail!
Jane: You suck at life!

2. Jane: I hit an old man with my car as he was crossing the street!
Cindy: You suck at life!
by Megan September 04, 2004

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