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137 definitions by Megan

one whom loves to make vaginal farts and likes to get fingered by old mexicans with dirty hands.
damn that biatch is prolly colleen morse
by megan February 06, 2005
A blonde girl trying to say "shush" online and making a typo
"you shuhs right now!"
by Megan July 13, 2004
A stupid abreviation that people use thinking that they will be best friends for life, but really in reality they will get in a fight and not ever speak to eachother again.

see bffae, bff
me and lindsey were bf4lunitl she thought i was a dork and abandoned me for stupid stuck up mean people
by megan June 13, 2004
A person who acts really stupid even if they aren't necessarily. Also associated with forgetfulness, ditzy, and bouncy. Can laugh excessively
Jen, you're being such a blonde today!

Jen: hehe, I know! heheheheh!
by megan February 15, 2004
Something really cool,off the hook,hype
that night was krappizzle
by megan December 12, 2003
Short for Nevada; one of the 50 United States, which mostly borders California. Home to many skiiers and snowboarders in the winter with the Sierra Nevada Mountains and various ski resorts, and popular in the summer with beautiful Lake Tahoe. Also, home to Las Vegas. Capitol is Carson City.
We're going to Nevada for the winter to ski and snowboard at Heavenly Resort, woot!
by Megan April 03, 2005
Aqua Scums are non-religious friends that go to Youth Group to hit on the hot christain emo kids.

Aqua Scums are friends that bake cakes for a dead guy.

Aqua Scums are friends who won't sit around and listen to disco on vinyl.

Aqua Scums are friends who dance and sing at their tops of their lungs while listening to disco on vinyl.

Aqua Scums are friends who get carpel tunnel from playing too much flash flash revolution.

Aqua Scums are friends who stalk kids with fros.

Aqua Scums are friends who send fat kids candy.

Aqua Scums are friends that dress each other up in drag, Tim Curry style.

Aqua Scums are friends that openly discuss boy sex very loudly in the halls at school.

Aqua Scums are friends that don't beleive in names, only nicknames.

Aqua Scums are friends that are so perverted they gross out their guy friends....but its just so funny

Aqua Scums are friends that can spend hours shopping in thrift shops for neon coloured plaid pants, stripped wool sweaters (the itchier the better) and old man jackets.

Aqua Scums are friends who actually wear the neon pants, stripped wool sweaters and old man jackets to school.....all at the same time.

Aqua Scums are friends that listen to ridiculously emo songs and then tottaly make fun of it.

Aqua Scums are friends who aren't afraid to admit they have an undying passion for musicians like Soul Decision or....Prince.
Bob: "Yar, Jim! i heard that gay pirates get more booty."

Jim: "Yo! fo sheez! were did ya hear that homie B?"

Bob: "those Aqua Scum girls. After they defeated the gay frenchman Pierre and his army of killer croissants with their rainbow disco laser beams of doooom, they asked me to bend over and let pierre plunder my booty ninja style!"

Jim: "YAR BOB! that's sick!"

Bob: "i know, but aren't they super rad?"
by megan March 28, 2005