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Something that is very cool or interesting.
Person 1: Check out this new CD I got.
Person 2: Oh yeah, that's real spiffy.
by Megan July 25, 2004
A pimpin' dude that has a nice car and gets hot girls. He makes girls like anal sex. Also likes lesbians. Known as Jeff. Sucks because he gets to go to Asia and we don't.
"Man, I had anal with Technol last night!"
"OMG..I had anal with him the other day!"
"Yeah! He makes anal so good I want it everyday!"
by Megan December 24, 2003
1. happenings of a recent kind.
2. a thing
What's the diddlio?
How's your diddlio hangin', yo?
by Megan December 29, 2004
Shwingable is a term used to describe something that is "cool," or "wicked," NOT anything like the term "Shwing."
Dude, Ricky's ride is so shwingable, I want one like it but blue. think of all the babes I could get with it!
by Megan September 10, 2004
short for the best candy ever, pixie sticks
Dude I need a pixie.
by Megan June 12, 2004
Slacker, anti-christ, and unworthy of a higher position.
You dumb yahoozafitz.
by megan December 12, 2003
When in motion, cutting off other's moving directions in hopes of getting to your point "B".
Dale Jr. was bohoggin at the Talledaga Race of 2005 and cause 19 cars to pull over.
by Megan May 03, 2005

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