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One who hales from the great planet Hooker-Face. Known for spreading STD's at lightening fast speed. Sign of friendship is divulged by them holding up their pointer finger, ring finger, and pinky, whilst holding their thumb and middle finger together, this is commonly mistaken as "The Shocker", but is used as a "Hello" to all Whorganians.
"She is a Whorgan, from Hookerface!"
"Wow, that Whorgan certainly spreads VD at an amazingly fast pace!"
by MegaMed April 05, 2010
The planet that holds home to all Whorgans. A planet made primarily of mountains of syphilis and rolling plains of Ghonorhea. Fun to visit, but be warned, once you visit you will be on anti-biotics for the remainder of your life. Most common illness on planet Hooker-Face is GhonasyphihepilAIDS (A, B, and C).
"Dang, that was fun, but after my trip to Hooker-Face I can no longer get rid of this rash!"
by MegaMed April 05, 2010

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