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2 definitions by Meg323

An illness that is similar to AIDS: far too profitable to cure.
Dr. Jack: My colleagues and I pretend that we do not know how to cure cancer so we can keep our million dollar homes, fancy boats, and BMW's.
by meg323 July 19, 2010
A broad term that encompasses demeaning attitudes and treatment towards individuals of the female gender. It often results from ignorance on the behalf of men and women alike.
Jane: I think I am going to enroll in medical school.
John: Haven't you received the memo that admission is only open to those with a Y chromosome?
Jane: Oh, really? They failed to mention that in Cosmo Magazine.
John: Go back to the kitchen and bake me some pie.
Jane: Okay.
Elizabeth: You guys are both perpetuating sexism.
by Meg323 April 17, 2010