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4 definitions by Mefisto Monster

1. 'MM', me, a plain crazy mofo.

2. Ridiculous attempt on a porn site admin.

3. A very open-minded person. Likes to talk about everything. Especially about sexual orientation.

4. Uses to randomly hump clueless lamers. Term used to indicate humping nearly everything.

5. Ugly as hell.

abbreviated = 'MM' (see 'mm')
"Stop mefisto-monstering me, you stupid dog!"

A: *humps B*
B: "I'm no Mefisto Monster! Get off of me!"
A: "But you're so ugly, you have to be!"
by Mefisto Monster March 31, 2005
Little devil,
short for Mefisto Monster, rarely used in online forums and chats.
"Ooh, you mean little 'mm'!"
by Mefisto Monster March 31, 2005
see 'mm'

Doubling the "m", or emphasizing "mm", in words gives a stronger (and often more evil) meaning to them.
"Mmake mmy day, mmofo!"

"BuMMer! I forgot to coMMent!"
by Mefisto Monster March 31, 2005
HI = highly intelligent
An ironical way to say your comment makes as much sense as Gorge Bushs shoe.

Often played joke on n00bs introducing themselves.
'MM': "Yo, I'm Mefisto. Wosseps, yo shizzelish dishifishstick, bums?"
Mod/Vet: "HI."
'MM': "Hi, wazzup sipfick?"
Mod/Vet: "HI."
'MM': "Um, hi."
Mod/Vet: "HI."
Mod/Vet: "HI, like in YOU MAKE NO FU*KIN SENSE!!!"
by Mefisto Monster April 02, 2005